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Have You Been Charged With A DWI?

It’s not difficult to obtain a DWI in Minnesota. A few drinks after work. Visiting a friend over the weekend. Having dinner at a restaurant. Then, encounter a State Trooper, Sheriff’s deputy or the Rochester police. Depending on your body mass and other conditions, you may find the officer explaining your blood alcohol content was in excess of the legal limit of .08, and you will be traveling with them in their vehicle, facing a DWI charge

For many, this may be their first experience with an arrest and a criminal charge. You are likely frightened, confused and overwhelmed. You will need to make decisions, but based on what? Are the police or prosecutor looking out for your interests? You need legal help and guidance to deal with this. Sure, you might be able to plead guilty, but you may have only made your problems worse.

Criminal And Administrative Penalties

You also must deal with both the criminal charges and the administrative penalty, which may include the loss of your license. For many residents in the Rochester area, the loss of driving privileges could have a severe effect on your life. You need a car to get to a job, school or just to buy groceries. If you have a family, it can become a significant problem. And losing your license from the DVS makes any subsequent DWI enhanceable to increase the penalties for that incident.

A Long Shadow

The penalties for a first DWI may not seem too severe. But no one plans to have their first DWI, and they certainly don’t plan for a second or third. The look-back period for prior DWI convictions (or guilty pleas) is 10 years, and every subsequent charge carries greater and greater penalties. It is also important to remember that DWI or their equivalent, such as OWI or DUI, in other states will also be used to increase the penalties with any DWI charge in Minnesota.

You Need A Lawyer

Every case is different. You likely have little or no experience with the law. You may have other issues in your life, from domestic violence or other family law problems. Any one of these is difficult, but the combination of more than one can leave you overwhelmed. Our attorneys can help with your criminal defense case and the DVS. We understand your confusion, and we take the time to explain the law and the actions you need to take to keep your license and protect your future.

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