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Need Help With A Paternity Issue?

Paternity is important. Children are generally more successful when both parents are involved in their lives. For a father, paternity is necessary if they want to ensure access to their child. For a mother, paternity is important to ensure their child receives the financial and emotional support that can be provided by an additional parent.

Our attorneys at Anderson DiFiore PLLC understand the emotional, financial and legal issues that surround paternity determinations, and we can represent your interests, whether you are a mother looking for the additional financial support from your child’s father or a father who wants to be able to share time with your child.

Paternity Is Valuable For Fathers And Mothers

There is a growing trend among young people to remain unmarried or never marry. When they have children, the law presumes the mother to have sole custody, unless the father acts to establish his paternity. For a father who wishes to be part of his child’s life, this is essential. The sooner a father acts, the better, because if a father waits too long, his ability to obtain joint custody will be much more difficult.

If You Are Uncertain

If you believe you may be a biological father and you are uncertain, you can place your name on the Minnesota Fathers’ Adoption Registry (MFAR). This registry ensures that you receive legal notice of any decision by the mother to place a child for adoption. You have 30 days from the birth of the child to register, and this registration can help prevent your child from being adopted without your knowledge or consent.

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