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3 Common questions unmarried fathers have about child custody

Child custody can be stressful no matter your situation. But unmarried fathers may have a particularly difficult time knowing what rights they are entitled to when seeking custody of their children.

Hopefully, answering the following three frequently asked questions will give you a better understanding of what your custody rights as an unmarried father are.

Could a DWI affect child custody arrangements?

A DWI conviction is a mistake that everyone wants to learn from and leave behind. Unfortunately, it is a mistake that has life-altering consequences, especially as a single parent.

Minnesota courts want to ensure the safety of the child before anything else, which means they must look through parents’ criminal histories to determine the best arrangement for the child’s interests. Your co-parent could easily use a DWI charge as collateral to sole custody of your child.

Preparing for divorce means knowing your finances

After all this time, a false and dangerous myth persists about divorce between women and men. It’s that divorcing women drain men’s finances leaving ex-husbands with lint in their pockets while ex-wives lounge around in luxury. The reality of divorce is that women’s long-term finances clearly suffer more on average than men’s.

If you’re a woman whose marriage seems headed for divorce, it’s never too early to snap into action, getting your financial house in order and prepare for positive post-divorce life. The first step is to simply inventory and document where you and your spouse are now, financially.

Parents can protect their kids by selecting a guardian

As a parent of minor children, you may think that you do not own enough possessions of value to bother with an estate plan. However, an estate plan can serve several purposes beyond passing on possessions. You may find it especially valuable to use a last will and testament to select a guardian for your minor children.

What happens when parents do not choose a guardian?

2019 brings major changes for divorces and taxes

During the last month of 2018, lawyers and divorcees scrambled to get together alimony agreements before the Tax Cut and New Jobs Act took effect this month. Why would 2019 bring such considerable changes to divorce?

The new tax rules have significant implications for alimony payments across the country. If couples did not finalize the terms of their divorce by December 31, 2018, they are going to go through huge changes in filing their taxes this year.


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