Early Neutral Evaluation

Most courts in southeastern Minnesota offer parties to engage in Early Neutral Evaluation or (“ENE”) process. The ENE process may involve custody and parenting time or division of debts, assets and maintenance. In the area of custody and parenting time, this process is called a Social ENE (“SENE”). In the area of maintenance and division of assets and debts, this process is called a Financial ENE (“FENE”).

The ENE process allows parties the opportunity to work with independent evaluators who will provide direct feedback concerning likely outcomes should a matter proceed to Court. Participating in an ENE process may result in parties saving substantial costs and fees, and reaching a resolution.

Preparing for an ENE proceeding is critical for both SENE and FENE. The attorneys at Anderson Law Firm are experienced in these proceedings. We assist our clients so they are informed and prepared to present their case in this forum. Being well-prepared and knowledgeable in these proceedings often results in better outcomes and agreements for participants.