Child Custody

Selecting the Best Child Custody LawyerRequest a Legal Consultation with a Lawyer from Anderson Law

Making decisions and reaching agreements concerning child custody often are the most stressful part of a divorce any parent can face. How do you decide who is the best child custody or attorney to represent you? Trying to decide what is in your child’s best interest going forward without appropriate legal advice and counsel can increase that stress.

Knowing when the court will apply a “best interest standard” versus an “endangerment standard” can greatly impact the custody proceeding. Further, reaching an agreement concerning custody goes well beyond where or with whom a child will live, but further involves a framework of more or less shared parenting. Knowing how to structure a framework that meets the needs of our clients and their children is our focus.

Decisions involving child custody and parenting time by necessity also involve determinations of child support. Determining child support should not be left to chance, but should be addressed in a way that meets the needs of the child or children involved.